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Your Premier Eyelash Glue Manufacturer

SeeJeen has rapidly grown into a leading eyelash glue manufacturer and factory based in China from 2015.
Our mordern production facility allows us to efficiently develop and produce high volumes of our professional quality lash adhesives.

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Eyelash Glue Manufacturer

SeeJeen, a leading eyelash glue manufacturer, specializes in high-quality eyelash extensions glue, glue remover, lash bonder, lash primer for lash artists and salons.

SeeJeen offers private label lash glue manufacturing services. Our private label solutions enable businesses to have custom glues produced under their own brand names and labeling.

We are committed to consistency, effectiveness and safety with all our eyelash adhesives. SeeJeen has become a trusted eyelash glue manufacturer for lash artists worldwide thanks to the reliable performance of our glues.

Premier Eyelash Glue Manufacturer Products

As the professional Eyelash Glue Manufacturer, SeeJeen offers a wide range of innovative eyelash glues engineered for lash artists need. Our products include: Extra Strong Glue, Fast Dry Glue, Sensitive Lash Glue, Clear Lash Glue, DIY Cluster Glue and more.Our premium eyelash extension glue featuring our most advanced formula for incredible bonding power and retention. With proper application, eyelash extensions can last up to 8 weeks.


Extra Strong Lash Extensions

  • Superior bonding strength, providing a reliable hold that lasts for up 8 weeks.
  • Extra Strong formula sets within 1 seconds so lash artists can still work efficiently while achieving maximum durability.
  • Low fume formulation, minimize fumes, making the application process more comfortable for both the client and the technician


0.3S Fast Dry Lash Extensions Glue

  • Ultra-Fast 0.3 Second Drying, allowing lash technicians to work quickly and efficiently.
  • Strong Bonding Power, provides robust adhesion so eyelash extensions stay in place up to 6-7 weeks.
  • Reduced Fume Exposure The lower fume formula minimizes fume inhalation and irritation for technicians.


Sensitive Lash Extensions Glue

  • Hypoallergenic Formula Specially designed for sensitive eyes and skin. Reduces reactions and irritation.
  • Low Fume, Minimizes fume exposure during application for client comfort.
  • High Bonding Power Strong flexible bond keeps lash extensions up to 6-7 weeks


Clear Lash Extensions Glue

  • Crystal Clear Formula – The transparent adhesive dries fully clear for a seamless, natural lash extension look.
  • Quick Drying – Dry in just 1-2 seconds to allow efficient application.
  • Low Odor – Does not produce strong fumes, minimizing odor and irritation.


2S Lash Extensions Glue For Beginner

  • Beginner-Friendly Drying Time: 2 seconds drying time allowing enough time for lash extensions placement adjustments
  • Strong Adhesive Quality: strength of the bond up to 7 weeks
  • Low Fume – Reduced fume formula minimizes odor and irritation during application. 


DIY Cluster Lash Glue

  • Easy Cluster Lash Application – Strong bond ideal for attaching cluster lashes for DIY lash.
  • Long-Lasting – Keeps cluster lashes securely adhered for up to 4 week of wear.
  • Available in Clear & Black – Clear for a natural look, black for a bolder eye makeup style.


Eyelash Extensions Glue Remover

  • Efficient and Quick Removal: Quickly dissolves eyelash extension glue residue for easy removal.
  • Gentle on Natural Lashes: Formulated to be gentle on the natural lashes and the sensitive skin around the eyes, preventing damage and irritation.


Gel Remover For Lash Extensions Glue

  • Provides a mess-free, accurate removal process
  • Enhances efficiency, making the removal process faster and more convenient for both lash technicians and clients.


Lash Bonder

  • Lash Bonder is not an adhesive but acts as an accelerator and sealer, working in conjunction with eyelash glue to enhance the bonding process.
  • Formulated to be safe and gentle on the skin and eyes, this waterproof bonder is resilient against everyday exposure to water and moisture.


Lash Primer

  • Using before Lash Adhevise Can Help Eyelash Extension Better Hold.Reduced Adhesive Drying Time, and Prevents the Extensions from Early Fall Apart.
  • Clean Natural Eyelashes before Applying Glue to Effectively Remove Makeup Residue and Oil.Enhance the Adhesion of the Glue.


Lash Shampoo

  • Lash Shampoo is formulated to gently cleanse both natural lashes and eyelash extensions, effectively removing dirt, oil, and makeup residue.
  • Shampoo is oil-free, ensuring it doesn’t interfere with the lash adhesive, while leaving no greasy residue.


Glue Remover For Tweezers

  • Designed specifically for cleaning eyelash extension glue residue from tweezers

Why Choose SeeJeen as Your Eyelash Glue Manufacturer?

SeeJeen, the professional eyelash glue manufacturer with over 10 years in the industry, provides exceptional eyelash products direct to salon professionals.

Crafted with cutting-edge technology and the finest ingredients, our glues are renowned for their exceptional hold, unparalleled durability, and supreme comfort.

Our eyelash glues are not only hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive eyes but also boast water and oil resistance, maintaining their integrity in various conditions.

meticulously developed

Each formula is meticulously developed to ensure fast drying times, minimal fumes, and maximum longevity, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of lash artists and clients alike.

eyelash glue manufacturer

Strongest Bonding Strength

SeeJeen Advanced formula of eyelash extension glue has an extra-long life span and insane retention power. Eyelash extensions will last from 6-8 weeks.

Extremely short drying times, save huge time for you and provide more efficient service to your customers.

Private Label Lash Glue

SeeJeen provides customizing products with your branding, offering an array of options in packaging, labeling, and formulation.

Our private label service is designed to reflect your salon’s unique ethos and style, creating a personalized product line that resonates with your clientele.

Widely Choose of Glue Bottles&Caps

Our happy customers

Thousands Of People Choose SeeJeen As Eyelash Glue Manufacturer

You ask, we answer

As professional eyelash glue manufacturer, SeeJeen We offer a wide range including extra strong hold, fast dry, sensitive formula, clear drying, and glues for beginners.

Yes, we offer trial kits with small sample sizes so new customers can test our various glue formulas.

Yes, we offer full private label services and can customize glues with your brand name, colors, and logos.

We have no minimum order requirements. You can purchase any quantity needed.

Yes, we offer progressive discounts for higher volume purchases and welcome inquiries from chains or distributors.

We provide expedited processing and global delivery typically within 5-10 business days.

Let's create lash magic together!

Contact us now to discuss your needs, request samples, or place your first order. Let’s partner for success in your eyelash services!

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