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Your premier lash extension supplier

As a premier lash extension supplier, we empower professional lash artists to take their artistry to new heights.

SeeJeen provides salon professionals access to factory wholesale pricing on premium quality individual lash extensions, adhesive glue, and complete lash extension kits.

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Lash Extension Supplier

At SeeJeen, the professional lash extensions supplier, we believe eyelashes empower you to express your clients’ beauty and individuality.

For over 10 years, we’ve been committed to providing lash artists and salon professionals with high-quality, affordable false eyelash extensions that make accessing this transformative beauty tool easy.

You choose a creative, safe, and reliable partner when you choose SeeJeen as your lash extensions supplier, offering factory pricing on premium lash extension, adhesive glue, and complete lash extension kits.

Premier Lash extension Products


Individual Lash Extensions

  • PBT premium quality materials
  • Customizable lengths and curls, including L/M curl
  • Comfortable, lightweight feel, natural appearance


Flat Lash Extensions

  • Super matte classic lash extensions
  • Slightly oval shape, large touch area
  • 2 tips on the top of the lashes, making it softer
  • Customizable lengths and curls


Easy Fan Lash Extensions

  • Premade volume easy fan lash extensions
  • Automatically bloom and steady fan
  • Matte black, soft and as natural as people’s real lashes


Premade Fan Lash Extensions

  • Volume lashes, premade fans, quick application
  • Perfect for beginner and professional lash aritist
  • 2D-20D, Variety of sizes for customizable volume


YY, W Lash Extensions

  • High-quality BSF material for durability and comfort
  • Customized curls add definition, length and volume
  • Easy use for lash artists


Colored Lash Extensions

  • Vibrant Colored Eyelash Extensions for Salons
  • Wide range of colors for creative lash designs
  • High-quality dye for lasting color retention


DIY Lash Extensions

  • DIY lash extensions for easy at-home application
  • Professional-grade quality for lasting results


0.5s Eyelash Extensions Glue

  • Designed for professional lash artists
  • 0.5 second dry time, fast application, strong flexible bond
  • Safe, irritation-free formula for client comfort

Why Choose SeeJeen as Your Lash Extension Supplier?

With over 10 years of experience, we’ve been delivering premium quality lash products to salon professionals like you. Choose SeeJeen as your lash extensions supplier, you get quality lash products at factory prices, along with fast and reliable shipping, plus VIP service.
Join the thousands of lash artists who trust SeeJeen as their go-to lash extension partner.

Wide Selection Curls

Experience the lasting beauty of our unique lash curvature. With our special processing, the style of your curls will maintain their allure for over a year.
Whether you choose J, B, C, CC, D, DD, N, LC, LD, or L curls, we’ve got a variety of styles to perfectly match your look.

Wide Selection Curls

Stable Curl

Standard thickness and the curl can last for a long time.
High-quality BASF Material, incredibly soft, lightweight, and comfortable to wear.
As gentle and light as our own eyelashes.

No Kink

100% handmade, made of import high-quality fibers, no kink, soft and comfortable.
No residue on the tape. Easy to pick up
0.03/0.05/0.07/0.10/0.15/0.18/0.20, seven different thicknesses are available.

No Kink eyelash base is clean without residue

Our happy customers

Thousands Of People Choose SeeJeen As Lash Extensions Supplier

With SeeJeen, lash techs get everything they need from one trusted lash extensions supplier. Thousands of lash professionals choose SeeJeen as their trusted one-stop supplier for our unbeatable decade of experience providing exceptional quality lash extensions, salon-grade glue, pre-made fan lashes, wholesale pricing, fast shipping, and 5-star customer service that helps artists elevate their skills and succeed.

You ask, we answer

As professional lash extension supplier, SeeJeen offer a comprehensive range including individual, easy fan, flat, colored, premade fan, YY/W, and DIY lash extensions.

Absolutely! We cater to custom orders to meet specific style, length, and curl requirements for your salon or business.

Yes, SeeJeen is one top lash extension supplier in China and can provide competitive wholesale pricing for bulk orders, with discounts varying based on the order size.

Delivery times vary based on location and order size, but we strive for prompt and reliable shipping for all orders.

Yes, as professional lash extension supplier factory, custom branding and private labeling is available on bulk orders with SeeJeen.

Yes, we offer free samples of our high-quality eyelash extensions and adhesive glue so you can experience the exceptional SeeJeen difference. Free samples allow you to test our products risk-free before ordering.

Experience the SeeJeen Difference

See for yourself why thousands of lash professionals choose SeeJeen as their trusted eyelash extension supplier.Contact us today to request free samples and learn more about our wholesale program.

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